Charter To Sundance

The Station Agent, Whiplash, The House I Live In, How to Die in Oregon, Winter’s Bone and Precious all have something in common. They have all been screened and won an award at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

The festival started in 1978 and was simply called the Utah/US film festival. It was born to give film makers in Utah somewhere to show their films and also to inspire American film makers to make and screen their movies. The festival is an annual affair that takes place in Park City Utah each January and today, it’s named Sundance after Robert Redford’s character in the classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

This festival is one of the biggest in the world and it a showcase for new work from independent film makers. What once was a small town festival today is something that is attended by the Hollywood elite, paparazzi and non-Hollywood people alike. It garners headlines in the entertainment magazines as well as the local and national news as it’s a who’s who of the entertainment world. Some winners go on to win the major awards while others are never seen again, but having a film shown at such a prestigious festival is sometimes all the people associated with it want.

So, if you have thought about attending the Sundance Film Festival, but don’t like near Park City Utah, you can get there by chartering a jet. Chartering is miles above when compared to the commercial airlines. For starters there is the roomy interior of a charter jet cabin, one who’s seats can be configured in many different ways to suit your needs. Second is the lack of long security lines, third you can fly on your schedule and fourth, well, it’s just cool to know you are arriving like the stars, and as a side note, you’ll always know your luggage is on board with you!

Chartering is cheaper than you may think and it’s something that makes even small trips more special. If you are sick of being cramped on an overcrowded flight, if you can’t handle one more march through security or if you just want a relaxed way to fly, you have it all in a charter jet.

Charter jets come in all shapes and sizes and there is one just waiting to whisk you and your part away to the Sundance Film Festival.

Benefits of a Business Analytics Certification

Whether you’re looking for a course to further your career or you have a keen interest in analytics and want to enjoy a long term career doing what you love, you will find that a business analytics certification can provide you with a host of benefits that you can enjoy on a personal level each and every day.

Not everyone loves being glued to a computer screen managing analytics, but there are those that find this fascinating and once you have the relevant training, you can use this daily to prove your worth and advance in your career.

The main benefit to holding a business analytics certification is that you can prove your competence to do the job. When applying for a position that requires this type of training, including your certification is a sign that you are more than able to do the duties required and increasing your chances of being selected.

You will find that your business analytics certification is recognized by industry professionals, which is a major benefit especially when applying for a position or a promotion within your company. You will find it is recognized, not only by company owners and directors, but also by your peers and colleagues.

Another benefit to holding this type of certification is the advancement in career potential that it can provide. When you start in any type of job, you begin at the bottom and you work your way to the top. You can only be considered for advancement if you have the relevant industry knowledge, experience and training. Holding a certification of this nature proves that you are more than able to manage the duties of the promotion and this can help you achieve success in your career moving forward.

When completing your course and being awarded with your business analytics certification you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment, a personal satisfaction that you have achieved something, improved your knowledge and have learned something new. Personal satisfaction is important to improve confidence and self-esteem and to help you be the best you can be in your chosen career on a daily basis.

You will notice that when you choose a business analytics certification course your performance will improve as you move through your career, this is due to the fact that any uncertainty on how to do your duties is removed. Your confidence is soaring and you know exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve success in your chosen tasks, which is a major benefit on its own.

In addition to this, having a business analytics certification can help you improve your income potential. With a certification in hand, your chances of getting paid a higher rate is increased. In this day and age, you want to earn the best possible income your position and level allows and companies are more likely to offer a higher income to someone who has a recognized certification than someone who has taught themselves and don’t hold that valuable piece of paper that proves they have received adequate training to complete the job at hand accurately and to the highest standard.

The good news about business analytics certifications is that you can complete them online at your own pace. This enables you to work full time and improve your knowledge and experience in your own time after hours without effecting your current position.

Is Car Leasing The Right Choice?

Car buying can be an extremely exciting time, as you get to drive around numerous dealerships and try out a variety of different cars until you find the one that feels right and is great to drive.

However, it can also be a time that’s annoying and to a certain extent, upsetting, as you struggle to find a car that fits your individual circumstances – and budget – whether you like the actual model or not. And yes, there is always the opportunity to buy the car on a finance agreement, but even this can mean that you have to settle for a car that you don’t actually want but have to get because it is cost effective and meets most of your needs.

However, whilst there isn’t a great deal you can do about car prices – even once you’ve haggled with the salesperson to reduce the price it can still be more than what you were looking to pay – there is something that you can do in terms of the way that you buy the car and it’s something that has become extremely popular in the last 12 months. Car leasing was once the choice followed mostly by large businesses but was used by nearly 60% of all car buyers when they took car finance from dealers in the first half of 2010.

It appealed to businesses because it allowed them to supply cars to their employees without actually paying the full price for them. The way that car leasing works is simple and in it’s most basic form is just a case of a person or business leasing a car off a leasing company, paying them a monthly fee for doing so and handing the car once the lease agreement has finished. Some agreements (such as PCP) allow people the option to buy the car at the end of the contract if they want. In effect it is just one, long type of car hire. It’s been the perfect solution for getting company cars for years, as it means that the business doesn’t have to pay out for the entire cost of the car, which can often be a substantial amount if there are several employees who require vehicles.

So how does this benefit an individual car buyer who can’t afford to buy a car outright or on finance?

Car leasing has become particularly popular amongst non-company car buyers in recent years and gives them exactly the same privileges as if they were a business, allowing them to lease a car for a predetermined length of time. The reason that it can be of benefit to people who can’t afford cars by other means is that as you don’t actually own the car, you don’t have to pay for its full value, meaning that if you were to buy a Volkswagen Golf Hatchback using a loan or hire purchase you could end up paying around 496 pounds a month over four years or on a car leasing agreement it would cost 264 pounds a month.

And if you want to actually buy the car?

Simple – the most common lease agreement known as PCP allows you to pay a set amount of money once the lease has finished which will act as a final sale payment, meaning the car will be completely yours. Car leasing may not be something that you’ve looked into in any great depth in the past, but if you’re considering buying a car and can’t afford to do so outright with cash, it’s strongly recommended that you have a look at the many benefits of leasing.